“Each generation wants new symbols, new people, new names. They want to divorce themselves from their predecessors.”
– Jim Morrison

Why should I hire someone to name my business?

Coming up with a name makes people sweat. It makes them flustered and angry. It makes them say mean things to nice people. Naming makes people itch. It makes them question their business. Heck, it makes them question their existence, their very essence as human beings. Naming breaks up partnerships. It causes wars. It causes acne. Coming up with a name makes people hot. It makes them feel lonely — an ant amongst skyscrapers. Naming delays business decisions. It delays design, copy, hiring, branding, building, growing, succeeding, rolling in a pile of money. Naming is hard.

Why put yourself through all that? You hire professionals to clean your gutters for the very same reason.

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Do I really need a .com address?

The .com is the gold standard of web addresses. It signifies establishment in the online marketplace and authority over your competitors.

Sure, you can buy a .co, .net, or .something-else-no-one-will-remember, but you’re setting yourself up as an amateur in the industry, a fledgling with a tight budget.

For the long version, check out our blog post: Why .com?

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What are your thoughts on online name generators?

If The unFactory decided to type “business names” into an online name generator, our company might now be named any of the following:

semanssenisub — yes, that’s business names backwards

We certainly hope this answers your question.

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What if I can’t find the name I’m looking for?

Give us a shout! We have a larger inventory than what’s currently on our site, and we offer custom naming as a premier service.

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Are trademarks guaranteed and/or included?

The unFactory cannot and will not guarantee the rights to commercial usage of any name sold through our store. While we do conduct preliminary trademark research before listing or offering names, we will not be held responsible for legal risks or liabilities associated with the use of any name bought from our site. All legal risk associated with the use of our names falls within the responsibility of The Client. The unFactory recommends The Client conduct a legal background and trademark check of any name purchased, as well as consult with an attorney before implementing a name for commercial use. Payment to The unFactory is not contingent upon the availability of a name’s trademark.

Legal jargon aside, The unFactory would like to remind you that we’re humans, too. If there’s a trademarking issue, just talk to us, we’ll see what we can do to help.

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What’s included with my domain name purchase?

A custom domain name with a .com address and an original, customizable logo.

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How does the domain transfer process work?

For the security of all parties involved, orders are placed through Escrow.com. Once your order has been verified, we’ll touch base about transferring the domain to your preferred registrar.

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How are your prices determined?

Pricing is based on the market value of each name. We do our best to keep our prices fair, while guaranteeing a highly-creative product.

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Do you offer refunds?

All brandable domain sales are final.

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What sets The unFactory apart from its competitors?

We’re young, and hungry, and rebellious, and overflowing with creativity. We sell brand identities in neat little packages that small business owners can afford, and all of our prices are listed on our site. Our intention is not to bank on the diminishing .com real estate, but to help small businesses grow in style.

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